Global Logistics

Aeronet is fully focused on Global logistics and has phenomenally grown since its inception in the year 1982. At Aeronet, our objective is to move ahead motorhome constantly, keeping pace with technology and market requirements.

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This dynamic strategy with blinds that were better and has been well received by our customers who have remained with us for decades and appreciate our vision focused on their needs. Setting realistic goals and working towards them diligently, we’ve introduced several innovations in our operations to remain highly competitive in the industry.

Our dedicated team of people backed by State-of-the-art infrastructure have propelled us to the forefront among logistics companies. Quality Service without Compromise is our motto and our track record is ample testimony to the fact that we have eminently succeeded in our endeavor. With our illustrious past, we look forward to an even better future.

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As a brief history, ARX started working mainly with the oil and gas industry in Russia, dealing with the transportation of oil-field equipment, often oversized, to remove oilfield regions in Western Siberia and the Southern republics, such as Kasakhstan.

We are working to expand the use of 2 dimensional bar-codes for use in data scanning communication with US Customs.

Analytiqa Logistics and Supply Chain News
Freight profitability remains under downward pressure.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global traffic results for January showing a 5.7% rise in passenger demand but an 8.0% decline in air freight compared to the same month in 2015.

Quality Service without Compromise

ISO 9002 Certification from Bureau Veritas Quality International in the Year 2000 for our Quality Systems and Procedures a milestone in the glorious history of Aero Freight. ‘Quality Service without Compromise’ is our motto and our track record is ample testimony to the fact that we have eminently succeeded in our endeavor.

The AZ Freight website is currently under development and a list of new services and markets will be updated soon.

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